Abby Nicole Uecker, born and raised in Norfolk, Nebraska, loved every minute of performing on stage since the young age of four. She was the one to catch everyone’s attention with her genuine smile and quirky facial expressions. Her passion for music through dance inspired her to reach out to a local voice coach who encouraged and supported her love for singing. This led to roles in musical theatre and her decision to pursue a Theater Performance degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While in college, Abby was asked to join a local country band called County Road as the lead vocalist. She also had the exciting opportunity to write songs with co-writers in Nashville under the guidance of a dear friend, and one of her co-writers, Megan Conner.

As her busy life was propelling forward, it took a sudden unexpected turn. Abby started experiencing severe headaches. After seeing a specialist at UNMC, was diagnosed with a  brain tumor in December 2014 and needed immediate surgery. Knowing this tumor presented itself in the left side of the brain, the side of the brain that controls speech and memory, Abby knew this diagnosis put her future for singing and performing at risk.

By God’s loving grace, a surgeon’s steady hand and many prayers, the surgery went well! With determination and hard work, Abby returned to school in February 2015 and starting singing with her band that April. She resumed her love for singing and songwriting with a new view on life. Abby knew firsthand that things can change in an instant, and she learned to love every moment life has to offer by not taking for granted each day as it passes.

Abby shares her positive energy and love for life through her music. After graduation from college, she had the opportunity to go to Nashville and record her first E.P. On June 30, 2016 (her 24th birthday) her first single entitled “Cool” was released. Abby co-wrote “Cool” with Jesse Lee (known for her #1 co-written hit “Peter Pan”). “Cool” can be found on iTunes and many other online outlets. Currently, it has over 33,000 listens on Spotify.

Abby’s next single, “Back When We Were Burning” was released in March 2017.  She was excited to offer a more “rockin’ country” song to the world.  You can find this title on iTunes and many other online outlets.  It currently has over 34,000 listens on Spotify.

Unfortunately,  tragedy hit on July 23rd, 2017.  Abby died in an UTV accident in the early morning hours after performing a show at the Thayer County Fair in Deshler NE.   The news of her death traveled across the nation.  She touched many lives during her music career, and from all the many activities prior to her career.

The week following Abby’s death, one of her Co-Writers and good friend Michael August went to the studio to complete the recording of a song they wrote together in December of 2016.  He wanted to honor her memory by completing this project.  When they had completed the song in December, Abby was able to complete a vocal track of the song by using her Mac computer after this writing session.  This track is what is used for the final recording of their song titled “Here Comes Right Now“.  It is amazing that we are all about to hear Abby sings this song to us today.  It was a very important song to Abby and it had very song meaning to her.  With her prior health issues, she made a new focus in life to “Live for Today”.  The line in the song ” If you are living for tomorrow, you’re missing out.  ‘Cause here comes right now, now” was how Abby lived her life.

Here Comes Right Now” can be downloaded from iTunes, and many other online outlets.  You can also listen to it on Spotify where it currently has over 11,000 listens.

The support of the community, fans, family, friends has been amazing during these tough times.  Abby never knew the amount of people she touched in her short life here on earth.  We all know that she is singing on the most amazing stage that God can offer.  She is now our perfect Angel, watching over us in our daily lives.  When we feel that little help, or a moment in time something special happens in our life, we label it with “TYA…. Thank You Abby !!