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All proceeds will be going to Abby Nicole Music to help with future funding of music to be released that Abby had finished recording in Nashville.

Many have heard about the awesome story about the Heather Gray Hats that Abby really wanted for her merch sales. About 3 months ago, Abby made her order for hats to sell for merch. She loved all the colors but just won’t quit talking about the heather gray hats. She loved the color. When she went to pick them up they had lost this portion of the order in the mail. They tried to reorder but they were discounted. On Wednesday, Joshua James, our go-to merch guy and dear friend walked into the supplier to pick up items. The supplier asked Joshua if he remembered those heather gray hats that were lost in the mail 3 months ago, as he handed them to him. Joshua was in total shock. These were the hats Abby wanted so bad. She asked about them ALL THE TIME. They quickly stitched Abby’s logo on them and Joshua brought them to us for the visitation. We truly believe Abby wanted us to have these heather gray hats. And she made it happen. Thank You Abby!

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